What Do You Know About Mrshll?

We all know about Mrshll that nowadays everyone likes to listen to music, whether it is a child, whether it is old or young, some people like Hindi songs, some people like English songs and these are English songs. The singer who sings is also called pop singer, there are many types of pop singers in different languages ​​in all the countries of the world.

Who is famous for his best songs, today we are one of the same singer who is known as America’s best singer – Marshall Bang who is also known by his surname mrshll by many people.

Where was Mrshll born?

Marshall Bang (Mrshll) was born in Orange County, California, which is located in the United States of America. He is a Korean-American R&B and K-pop singer. The songs sung by him are famous all over the world.

What Do You Know About Mrshll?

Just as there are great singers like Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam, Darshan Rawal, in our country of India. Who has spread the magic of his musical art all over the world. In the same way, in America, great singers such as Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and along with them Marshall Bang are included, who are one of the great singers of America.

Tell about the life of Mrshll:-

Marshall Bang, who is known by the nickname mrshll, was born in the city of Orange County, California, USA, Marshall Bang, who is known as a pop singer by profession. He belonged to an evangelical Christian family.

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About Mrshll’s studies :-

Mrshll used to go to church every Sunday of the month during his childhood and pray there for the first time early in his life he hone his talent even more by developing interest in singing and song in high school show music players After completing his graduation he attended Biola University which is known as a Christian theological school by profession and thus gave a new direction to his musical career.

He stopped playing music for a while after he developed laryngopharyngeal reflux. After which he attended the School of Cosmetology in Los Angeles, where he first met openly gay people and introduced them to gay nightlife.

Livelihood – Pop singer Marshall Bag also known as mrshll who left New York City in the US in 2012 and moved to Seoul in the country of Korea to participate in a Korean singing competition called “Star Audition: The Next Big Thing 3” Because there he was not getting the best means for his musical career.

He decided to stay in South Korea after sleeping to start his music career and this proved to be the biggest turning point of his music career and gradually he dominated the music world on the basis of his performance. . Marshall Bang got an offer to play his vocals in Korean music.
The offer he accepted and also signed for the hip label Feel Good Music

He released the EP Brid as his first official project for which he also released a video as well as his first music video and Pause video in the month of June in the year 2018, followed by his second in October of the same year. The album Alien (Issa Mixtape) was also released and gradually he started gaining popularity among the people.

In the year 2021, Marshall Bang has released his music album XYZ, the best album out of all his music albums is Harper’s Bazaar which was ranked in the Top 15 Pop Albums of the Year 2021 and his album was listed

What Do You Know About Mrshll?
How was Mrshll’s personal life?

Mrshll (Marshall Bang) is openly known as gay. In 2012 he appeared for the first time in front of his brothers mrshll appeared in public during an interview in 2015 as part of a collaboration with Time Out Seoul.

After which he is described as the first openly gay K-pop singer. Marshall Bang’s friends warned him that coming out would be a form of social suicide. Was

Mrshll (Marshall Bang) spread his passion in the world of acting as well as music, his first music agency was Feel Good Music. Which was signed from the year 2017 to the year 2019, at present he has signed an agreement with the independent agency which is present with him from 2019 till the present time, he started his career on 5 June 2018 as a Korean American singer He is the first singer in the world of Kia pop to be an openly gay K-pop artist.

Discography- (Mini Albums)

  1. Breathe (2018)
  2. Archives 1 (2021)
  3. XYZ (2021)

Alien Issa Mixtape (2018)

(Digital Singles)-

  1. Mirage/Carriage (2020)
    2.Receive (2020)
  2. Never Too Late (2020)
  3. Starlight (2020)
  4. Do You (2020)
  5. Metamorphosis (2021)
  6. Show Me What You Got (2021)


  1. Pancakes with Tommy Strait (2019)
    2.001 with Nieh (2019)

Features –

  1. Djfriz – Release and Resist (2017)
  2. Woo – Again with Tiger Jk Bizzy (2017)
  3. Eden – Eden Stardust.02 with Hlb (2018)
  4. Dj friz – Dive with Megan Lee (2018)
  5. Drunken Tiger – I’m not Regular (2018)
  6. Xydo – Knight (2020)