What is Meant by Computer Full Form?

In this post you will know what is Computer Full Form, What is the Definition of Computer, What is Types of Computer, Use of Computer. Although officially there is no full form of computer. And by making full form of computer, you can make a lot.

What is Computer Full Form?

Computer Full Form=Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used in Technical and Educational Research

Computer means a one-time device, which specializes in calculating any mathematics. But now this word now lives on almost all human beings. Because at present, none of your work will be done in any field without computer. It is an automatic electronic machinery. Earlier we saw that computers were mainly used originally for numerical calculations only. But soon computers are being used for all things of general-purpose necessity.

What is Meant by Computer Full Form

What is the definition of computer Full Form ?

A computer is a complete electronic system which, with the help of hardware and software, performs all the given instructions to store, retrieve and process the data.

It uses computer programming to perform a sequence of arithmetic operations.

Computer exclusively consists of Arithmetic and Logical Unit i.e. ALU.

Computers can be technology based ie. It can be Hybrid, Arithmetic and Hybrid.

There are also computers and other Super Computers, Personal Computers, Desktops, Laptops etc.

A computer is a machine, which is completely based on software, without software the computer cannot do anything.

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How does Computer Full Form work?

Computer machine mainly consists of two things Hardware and Software.

The hardware that we see, which is a machine, does the processing by the CPU. through which the software operates.

Software works in hardware. The software gives its result according to the commands like the hardware.

How Many Types of Computer?

There are different types of computers on the basis of technology :-

The most commonly used are Laptops and Desktops.

Analog Computer

Digital Computer

Hybrid Computer

Super Computer

Mainframe Computer

Mini Computer

Micro or Personal Computer

Full Form of Computer Parts:-

The internal and external parts of a computer are as follows.

The following are the internal parts of a computer:-

CPU – Central Processing Unit

Drive – Hard Disk Drive, CD-ROM, Floppy Drive, DVD



RAM – Random Access Memory

Sound card

Video card etc. have other names.

The following are the external parts of the computer:-







Speaker etc. have other names.

Generation of Computer :-

Classification of computers:-

First Generation 1940-1956 – In which Vacuum Tubes were used, the name of the computer was ENIAC.

Second Generation 1956-1963 – In which transistors were used.

Third Generation 1964–1971 – In which IC (integrated circuits) have been used.

Fourth Generation 1972-2010 – In which Micro Processors and IC have been used.

Fifth Generation 2010-since – AI (artificial intelligence) is used in this. Which is currently running.

what are the uses of computer ?

The use of computer is very important in our life. It is very difficult for us to move ahead without computers. Computers are used in the following ways.

Mainly computer is used for all the work online.

Online education

Bill payment

Government Administration and Services

Banking and financial center

Transportation system

Entertainment and entertainment



Security and surveillance



The help of computer is taken in many other work etc. Computer is now a part of our life.

Who is Known as The Father of Computer?

Charles Babbage is considered the “Father of Computer”. Charles Babbage was a Mechanical Engineer. He is known as a good computer programmer. Charles Babbage is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer. He also received a lot of respect for and later became a source of inspiration in the field of computer.Some computer parts made by Charles Babbage are kept in London Science Museum.