Who is called HSC Full Form?

Here in this post I will give you information about HSC Full Form, what is HSC. What does HSC mean?

What is HSC Full Form?

HSC Full Form = Higher Secondary Certificate

HSC Full Form Introduction –

When a student passes class 10, he is said to pass the high school or board exam. And after passing class 10, he has to study 10+2, whose course is of 2 years. The certificate which is obtained after passing 10+2 is called Higher Secondary Certificate. It is also called Intermediate.

It is clear that high school is called class 10 and higher secondary school is called 10 +2. HSC Certificate is given to a student after passing the 12th class.

What is HSC Full Form

What are the Benefits of HSC Full Form?

Speak 10 +2 or say HSC, which is a paradox of education, after passing which there are many professional courses like IIT, Medical, Engineering etc. for the student, which opens the way to give entrance exam. You can apply for Gasted Rank job only after getting HSC certificate.

Study of HSC:-



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