What is The Meaning of ICU Full Form

Here in this post ICU Full Form you will get complete information in ICU Full Form. What is ICU? What is its work?

What is ICU Full Form?

ICU Full Form = Intensive Care Unit

Maybe we all know what is ICU Full Form. ICU is in the hospital for the treatment of serious patients. Where a very serious patient whose condition is very bad. He is kept in the ICU. The full form of ICU is Intensive Care Unit. ICU is called Intensive Care Department. All types of facilities related to the treatment of the patient are available in the ICU. Here the patient is always looked after by the medical team.

What is The Meaning of ICU

What is the Reason for The Patient To go to The ICU Full Form?

As it is already known that a very serious patient is sent to the ICU Full Form. Patients who require multiple devices at once. Like a person’s health has become very bad. Or a person does an accident and his condition is very serious, then in that case the patient also needs oxygen, blood pressure machine is also needed, blood transfusion is also needed. Etc. All kinds of remedies start getting together at one place. And the ICU has its own medical team, all experienced in their respective fields. Which keeps monitoring the patient for 24 hours. No other person is allowed inside the ICU.

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What happens after going to the ICU Full Form?

There are many machines in ICU (ICU Full Form), which immediately after leaving the patient, all the medical teams start their work. Oxygen is applied by all the specialist senior doctors if there is difficulty in breathing immediately. If there is a shortage of blood, blood transfusion is done immediately. Blood pressure machine is installed. All facilities are made available at the earliest.

ICU Equipment:-

CPAP System,

BPAP System,

Patient Monitor,

Infoson Pump,

Syringe Pump,

Blood Warmer,


Types of ICU Full Form ?

NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:- Small children i.e. children after birth are treated in NICU.

PICU- Pediatric Intensive Care Unit:- In PICU patient related to breathing and which is treated for patient related to Asthma, Influenza, Brain.

CCU- Coronary Care Unit:- Diseases related to heart disease are treated in CCU.

MICU- Mobile ICU:- All ICU equipments are installed in Mobile ICU Ambulance, so that complete ICU treatment can be done in transporting the critical patient from one place to another. There is also a system of whole team of doctors in this.