What is The NATO Full Form

What is NATO Full Form in this post. What is NATO meaning? Understand what is NATO.

What is the full form of NATO?

NATO Full Form = North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The full form of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

What is NATO Full Form?

NATO is a military alliance, in which 28 countries have a coalition of military power and political. After the incident of World War, the whole world wanted that such incident should not happen again, so many countries together established the United Nations. To make it more powerful, a military alliance was formed.

The organization was formed with the main objective of protecting the freedom and security of all the member states. In this, the armies of many countries will jointly carry out military operations. Which was named NATO.

When was NATO established?

NATO was established on 4 April 1949. The main objective of which is to protect collectively. Its headquarter is located in Brussels, Belgium.

If any one country is attacked then it will be assumed that all NATO organizations have been attacked. And all the countries have to attack together. But to join NATO, it was necessary to be from a European country. Lord Isme was made the first Secretary General of NATO.

What is the purpose of establishing NATO Full Form?

After the Second World War, the world had to suffer a lot. In which the Soviet Union refused to withdraw its army from Eastern Europe. And he had tried to establish communist rule over him. Which was completely opposed by America. And by showing the fear of this communist rule, in an attempt to keep the European countries united, where is the creation of such an organization so that if anyone attacks any country among themselves, then all the mobilizing countries should fight it together. America had openly helped in the establishment of this NATO organization.

What is the history of NATO Full Form?

After the Second World War, two superpower countries emerged in the world. In which one was the Soviet Union and the other was America.

There was a situation of cold war between the two countries. America did its best to stop the communist spread of the Soviet Union. So in 1948, the Soviet Union had surrounded Berlin from all sides in violation of international treaties.

Under this circumstance, NATO was established, in which organization has its own army and should protect together in any conflict.
1948 Belgium, Netherlands, Britain, France, Luxembourg signed the Treaty of Brussels for collective military aid and economic purpose. And at the same time it was also emphasized that if anyone is attacked, we will all stand together.

At the time of the establishment of NATO, in 1948, 12 countries, France, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Britain, Norway, Portugal and the United States had signed the treaty. After this Greece, Turkey, West Germany, Spain also became members of NATO. In 1999, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic also became members of NATO, after which its number was increased to 19.

Then in 2004, 7 nations also joined NATO and its number was increased to 26. Albania and Croatia joined on 1 April 2009, increasing the number to 28.

What is the role of NATO Full Form?

  1. The role of NATO is understood on the basis of its provisions! We have to take the responsibility of safeguarding the civilization, personal liberty and rule of law of the people living there at the very beginning of the Treaty of Independence and the heritage of the member countries in the nation. It is the duty of the nation to cooperate with each other. That’s the way a treaty is a form of a cooperation treaty!
  2. NATO was named the military organization of imperialist countries by the Soviet Union and declared it an anti-communism
  3. On the basis of the treaty provisions, in the event of an attack on any country of the treaty, all the signatory countries are considered to be attacked! All the nations of the treaty will unite and fight against all kinds of situations by uniting in the midst of military action. The nature of that treaty is to provide complete protection to the member countries.

What is the effect of NATO Full Form?

  1. The NATO organization created for the security of Western Europe gave strength to Western Europe. This established a complete co-operation among its members.
  2. By encouraging military security to European countries from the Second World War, America provided its cooperation in the field of security to both the countries, due to which it completed its economic development program fearlessly!
  3. The Cold War started with the formation of NATO. The Soviet Union found it opposed to communism and tried to establish its influence in Eastern European countries.
  4. America’s intervention in Europe forced the people of European countries to think that the social and economic problems of Europe would be solved from the European point of view. For this reason the European Community was formed.

The headquarters of the naats is divided into four parts:-

  1. Council: – It is considered to be the highest part of the Naats. It is constructed by the ministers of the state. Its meeting is held once in a year. The responsibility of the Council enforces the clauses of the Agreement.
  2. Sub-Council: – This council is a council of diplomatic representatives appointed by the countries of the member countries. He deals with matters of general interest related to the organization of NATO.
  3. Soldier Committee: – Its function is to advise the Council of NATO and its defense committee. In this, the army chiefs of the member countries are included.
  4. Defense Committee: – In this the defense ministers of the member countries of NATO are also included. Its main work is to consider defence, strategies and military related issues in NATO, non-NATO countries.

» When the Gulf War broke out in 1991, Albania was given civil and military aid to Noto.

» Played an important role of NATO in the leadership of collective security. In this, it talked about dealing with terrorism and security from countries that are a threat to humanity. During the 2002 summit proposed the formation of NATO Action Force to balance terrorist attacks and activities of other states.

» Considering the membership of NATO and there was no discrimination with the countries included in the former opposition factions. In the 1991 Missouri Conference, three nations namely Poland, Hungary and the Republic were given membership. Due to this the number of members became close to 19 and the number of members increased to 26 in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia and all three in the Cold War.

» Initially Russia expressed its concern over the expansion of NATO, but in view of the changing international situation, there has been talk of bringing Russia under its control for mutual cooperation with NATO member countries.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations emphasized the positive aspects of NATO, thus boosting its cooperation by strengthening political and economic ties.

America made a proposal to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This was named the Truman Doctrine. Its purpose was to stop the expansion of the Soviet Union as well as help all European countries. This principle, America decided to provide aid to all countries. Those who were threatened by communism.

The NATO organization was compiled by US President Harry S. Truman. This organization was joined by all the countries which believed in saving democracy which was threatened by communism. It was decided by NATO that all the countries involved in it would be given security.

If any member attacks any country, that attack will be on that organization and everyone will face it together. Turkey and Greece were helped and at the same time both of them were made members of NATO. Because of this, the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union continued for a long time.

What are the objectives of NATO Full Form?

  1. Standing in front during the invasion of Europe.
  2. To stop the expansion of the Soviet Union in Western Europe and to provide mental support to the people in case of war.
  3. To provide security to European nations through their programs in economic development.
  4. To unite the countries of Western Europe.
  5. The purpose of NATO is to make all possible efforts for the defense of an independent country.
  6. NATO member countries are to provide security between each other’s countries.

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